The Premise Today's world demands more and more from the internet. A few years ago all that was expected from a web site was some basic information about the business or organization. However today as the internet becomes ever more embedded in our society, people expect information that is accurate, up to date and in-depth. Each year more people are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet for everything from banking, trading stocks to buying groceries and cinema tickets. So even if the internet is not yet an integral part of your life or business, it is very likely to be pivotal to the type of people who can afford your services!

Requirements Nowadays a web site must to be updated often to keep it fresh and ensure your clients / visitors return regularly. With a conventional site this maintenance required several pieces of software and an intermediate level of computer knowledge or hiring the costly services of a web master.

A Solution Brakey Solutions has addressed these requirements by designing a family of database driven web sites, which are as simple to use as completing an internet form. Via a simple but secure login you or your authorized representatives are able to add, edit, update or delete information from your site as often as you desire. This requires no specialist software or computer knowledge. Normally this type of "State of the Art" web site would be cost prohibitive for a small non e-commerce business.

How it works A database driven web site basically consists of 3 parts; the database which is where all the information is stored, the "software engine" which sends information to and from the database and the "skin" which adds colours, font styles and logos to match the site with your corporate image. At Brakey Solutions we have found that there is sufficient demand for this type of site to go ahead and develop the database / engine to make this happen. So now we have done the development of the database / engine we can offer this service at the same price as the competition offers a static web site.



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